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Interview de Henry Strzalkowski (page 4)

Si nous aimons rire d'un certain cinéma déviant, nous sommes très loin de mépriser les hommes et les femmes qui s'y sont impliqués ou compromis. Il nous a ainsi paru enrichissant de faire raconter le nanar et son univers par les gens qui l'ont vécu de l'intérieur. La diversité des intervenants et de leurs réponses nous a rendu encore plus proches du cinéma que nous aimons : vous découvrirez, au fil des entretiens que ces différentes vedettes ont bien voulu nous accorder, des informations précieuses pour le cinéphile et le cinéphage, des anecdotes cocasses et, en esquisse, le portrait attachant de personnages souvent hauts en couleur.
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Henry Strzalkowski (page 4)

Any memories or comments about Richard Norton?

"Mission Terminate" aka "Return of the Kickfighter" (1987),
from director Anthony Maharaj.

Richard Norton is a charming gentleman and a consummate professional martial artist. I had the opportunity to work with him on "Equalizer 2000," "Raiders of the Sun," and a film called "Rage" (aka "Deadfight") produced by Anthony Maharaj. We were friends and enjoyed working together.

[They also both appear in "Future Hunters" aka "Deadly Quest" aka "Spear of Destiny" (1986), along with "Mission Terminate" aka "Return of the Kickfighter" (1987)]

"Angelfist" and the late Cat Sassoon?

Vidal's daughter was a bit of a primadonna and I am glad I only had to work as an actor on that one. Enough said.

"Silk 2" and the gorgeous Monique Gabrielle?

Yes... again enough said!

"Nine Deaths of the Ninja" and Shô Kosugi?

Perhaps the first Ninja movie ever. I shared a scene with character actor Blackie Dammett, who in real life is the father of Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His characterization of the crazed, crippled, homosexual terrorist is one of the weirdest, and perhaps most disturbing I have ever scene.

David Carradine?

Behind Enemy Lines (1986).

I worked on four movies with David Carradine, "Behind Enemy Lines," "Dune Warriors," "Field of Fire" and "Firehawk." A very moody, but otherwise professional actor. Perhaps, it may have had to do with the state his career may have been at the time. It is great to see his career has once again bloomed with "Kill Bill."

A slightly trivial question: in some flicks you acted in, you have a moustache, in some others you don't. Was it sometimes preferable or even required to change looks from a film to another in order not to be recognized? [looks like a silly question but, for instance, Bruce Baron told us Kinavesa's boss K.Y. Lim often rotated the lead roles, simply because he couldn't have all the films with the same unknowns as leads]

My moustache was shaven off to make me look younger sometimes, but I have kept it ever since 1991.

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