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Interview de Nick Nicholson (page 8)

Si nous aimons rire d'un certain cinéma déviant, nous sommes très loin de mépriser les hommes et les femmes qui s'y sont impliqués ou compromis. Il nous a ainsi paru enrichissant de faire raconter le nanar et son univers par les gens qui l'ont vécu de l'intérieur. La diversité des intervenants et de leurs réponses nous a rendu encore plus proches du cinéma que nous aimons : vous découvrirez, au fil des entretiens que ces différentes vedettes ont bien voulu nous accorder, des informations précieuses pour le cinéphile et le cinéphage, des anecdotes cocasses et, en esquisse, le portrait attachant de personnages souvent hauts en couleur.
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Nick Nicholson (page 8)

In 1994, you acted in "La Casa del Piacere" from director Joe D'Amato. What was this film about? Joe D'Amato had the reputation to be a very professional, but sometimes a bit unscrupulous, director. Would you agree with that opinion? How do you remember him?

Joe D'Amato.

I had no problems with the man at all! It was a soft porn film, and the actress was a Russian model with huge tits. It was a gas to do one of these. It was a fun shoot is all I can say. I can't understand how he could be labelled unscrupulous.

On your website, there is a photo of you captioned : "Steve Rogers, myself and Matthew Westfall on the set of Equalizer 2000. We were all stoned in this pic!". It seems there was no shortage of San Miguel nor other exhilarating substances on the sets of Filipino films... So, honestly, were most of you, Westerners, living in the Philippines for the love of Cinema or rather for the opportunity to get drunk, stoned and laid for next to nothing?

Steve Rogers, Nick and Matthew Westfall.

We didn't drink on any set ever! We smoked a lot of grass, but we didn't drink. I can only speak for myself, about living in the Philippines. When I came back to the States from Vietnam I was suffering from Culture Shock and I hated it. Early on I fell in love with the Philippines and made it my home. If I stayed in the States I might be in Jail or dead now! There was an abundance of grass here, yet that had no impact or bearing on my decision to stay here, as I could also get good grass in the States.

"The Filipino has shot itself in the foot."

Life of debauchery is a discussion board where users talk about their decadent experiences. As you’re a member of the community, what would you say about it?

As far as goes, it used to be a real fun site with good cyber friends. I used spend a lot of time at the computer at my former business, and even now with my cyber café, so it's kind of a nice place to waste time. Some people take the place way too serious at times, but every now and then you can get into a good debate. I am not as active there now as I used to be.

As you were involved in the production process of several movies, did you ever contemplate on doing your own films, like Ron Marchini did with RoMar Inc., for example?

Ron Marchini.

It was a dream I had that never came true due to lack of funding.

The Filipino film industry seems to have declined after 1990 : did they totally stop doing the made-for-export action flicks you used to appear in? Is there a specific reason for that? What is the situation of the Filipino film industry nowadays?

Good question! The Filipino Government has little by little shot itself in the foot! Back during the Marcos era, Imelda Marcos was a true patron of the arts. She made sure that foreign producers had an easy time while shooting here. If they needed military equipment, she facilitated the request, and at the same time producers had to pay for the maint and upkeep of that equipment. Now you have to go to Dept of Defense and you have to pay everybody from the General all the way down to the private who sweeps the floor. Further, previously there was an abundance of "White Extras" available. But Fred Lim put a spanner in the works when he shut down the red light district in Manila and had immigration round up the guys hanging out there. Imagine, during the Marcos regime an average of 40 foreign films were shot here in a year. The average budget was between $450,000 - $300,000. Whatever the extras earned from a film was shot directly back into the economy. I blame the government first, and second a glut in the market. Too much garbage with no one to buy!

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