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Interview de Nick Nicholson (page 6)

Si nous aimons rire d'un certain cinéma déviant, nous sommes très loin de mépriser les hommes et les femmes qui s'y sont impliqués ou compromis. Il nous a ainsi paru enrichissant de faire raconter le nanar et son univers par les gens qui l'ont vécu de l'intérieur. La diversité des intervenants et de leurs réponses nous a rendu encore plus proches du cinéma que nous aimons : vous découvrirez, au fil des entretiens que ces différentes vedettes ont bien voulu nous accorder, des informations précieuses pour le cinéphile et le cinéphage, des anecdotes cocasses et, en esquisse, le portrait attachant de personnages souvent hauts en couleur.
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Nick Nicholson (page 6)

What about director Jun Gallardo (alias John Gale)? Was he the son (or brother or cousin) of Cesar Gallardo who directed FAMAS awarded films featuring President Joseph Estrada in the 60's? What about Danilo "Jun" Cabreira (alias J.C. Miller)? Apparently, you worked yourself as a casting director / assistant director in some movies. What about these experiences? Did you encountered such problems, or had to cope with others?

Jun Cabreira.

Everybody in Film sharing the same last name is either a son, brother or uncle. It was always kept in the family back in the old days. I believe Jun and Ceasar were brothers. Danilo or Danny Cabreira is the younger brother of Jun Cabreira. Both are directors. They also have a half brother by the name of Joey Pineda who owns movie theatres. I have worked with them all except for Ceasar. On any production there will be problems as the people you work with have egos the size of the Grand Canyon. I never had any real major problems. My major complaint on some sets was the food. Ergo, Fish Heads and Rice!

About Teddy Chiu (alias Teddy Page), a young Philippine Chinese director on Kinavesa productions, Richard Harrison told us he was "a very sweet person" but lamented the fact he was "treated so bad by Mr. Lim". Do you agree?

Teddy Page.

Working with Chinese is never easy. Further, Teddy would often make mistakes that cost Mr. Lim money. And yet even further, it was Mr. Lim who gave Teddy his breaks at directing. Teddy started out as an apprentice without any salary.

"Working with Chinese is never easy."

Concerning Kinavesa movies and Filipino war flicks starring Caucasian actors, we heard these films were especially shot for Occidental market and were often unreleased in the Philippines as the Filipino audience (and politics) doesn't like Occidental heroes. Is that true? Were the Kinavesa actors famous (or at least well known) in the Philippines in the 80's?

How to Americanize your product
thanks to Richard Harrison and star spangled banners.

It was more of a thing that Filipinos would recognize the locations. They love western actors, as foreign films usually get more at the box office than the local films do. Local filmmakers are always complaining about that. But if a Filipino paid money to see a foreign film only to see that it was shot in Manila or the Philippines, they felt cheated. All of our stuff is available on VCD or VHS, and they do get rented a lot.

On the credits of "Slash", you can be found under the name of "Nick Nichols". Is it your real name and "Nicholson" an alias? Do you know that, in France, some videotape covers of your films (like "Deadringer") highlight your name (and ignore Max Thayer) to trick customers, as "Nicholson" can be a source of mistake with your homonym "Jack"?

My real name is Daniel Nicholson. I use the screen name "Nick" as that is what I was called in the Military. How the credits are done, and how the film was marketed was beyond our control. Blame it on the distributors. We didn't have a clue!

Surfing on your website, we stumbled across a photo of you posing with other guys on the set for a jungle movie titled "The Fighter", a Tony Maharaj film starring kickboxer Richard Norton. According to the caption, one of these guys appears to be... Bruce Le, one of the most famous clones of Bruce Lee (oddly credited as Bruce Li, which was actually the name of another clone) ! What was he doing there? What are your memories of him?

I think Bruce was a Co-Producer and he and a couple of other guys played the Vietnamese characters. My memory of him was that he and Rex Cutter were constantly at each others throats during the shoot. I didn't like either one of them. Bruce use to look down on us who were based here in the Philippines, and he was kind of a racist.

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